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What is the importance of Intuitive UX and Empathy?

What is the importance of Intuitive UX and Empathy?

Intuitive UX is conceived on intuition and past experiences. There is no particular conscious reasoning as to why. But it helps in making the product easily understandable.

For instance, a product based on intuitive UX will behave in a way the user expects it to. It will be familiar, responsive, and accurate. Intuitive UX design will assist the user in moving from one place to another, without struggling. But is intuition alone capable of solving all the problems which haven’t even occurred yet?

That’s where Empathy comes into play. It is the ability to look at scenarios from other’s perspective. The term is often confused with “sympathy,” but both are different on a fundamental level. Sympathy is about showing concern and compassion to someone’s situation. Empathy is about relating to the feelings on a more basic level. Empathy in simpler terms is “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

The terms Empathy and Intuitive UX have been quite a buzzword lately. UX design is majorly concerned with enhancing user satisfaction, which makes Empathy very critical. Empathy in User Experience design or UX design enables the designer to understand the user in a better way.

It gives the designer a clarity of scenarios the user is going to face and enables them to find the solutions.

The sense of understanding which comes after tapping into the user’s emotions and engaging with the experience enables the designer to create a product that will be useful and comprehensible, and in turn, increase the product value.

While researching for the UX development, combining Intuitive UX and Empathy gives holistic results. These results, in turn, enable the creator to design the product with adequate mindfulness of the requirements and necessity which the user could or could not have mentioned.

How does Empathy UX affect the interface?
Sometimes the client’s requirements can be such that they throw off the structural hierarchy and may make the interface less appealing, but Empathy in such scenarios will help the designer is looking at the interface in their perspective and may give a clearer middle ground to work with. Intuition is something that comes with experience, and Empathy comes with interaction. Both are complementary to each other, the more open-mindedness and creativity is there, the better the results would be, making these two skills an absolute necessity in UI/UX design.

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